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At Mexican School Hit by Quake, Heartbreak and Dwindling Hope

This article speaks of the damage after the Enrique Rebsamen school collapsed during Mexico’s recent earthquake. After the disaster, a massive rescue was undergone to find surviving students. Once the dust had settled 30 student bodies were found and over 60 students were injured. Read more here.

Why Today’s Teens Are Taking Longer To Grow Up

Recent trends show that teen pregnancy is at an all-time low, teen drinking is on the decline and fewer teens are working part-time jobs. In this article, the author concludes that teens are shirking off behaviors of adulthood and extending their adolescent years. Similarly, the author weighs the positive and negative impacts. Read more here.

Illinois School Where Teacher Took Down Gunman Recently Trained For Active Shooters.

This past Wednesday a school shooting was thwarted by a teacher in Illinois. The teacher subdued the student during the shooting and was later held as a hero. Similarly, the local police chief speaks briefly of the importance of preparing teachers to counter similar experiences. Read More Here.

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