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Schools Rethink Lunch Policies That Humiliate Kids

Recently, the United States Agriculture Department has confronted the problem of food shaming in schools where students lack the funds to pay for their lunches. The Agriculture Department has not removed the most jarring examples like hand stamping and swapping out hot food for cold foods, but it has pushed for methods to improve communication with parents in handling food debt. Similarly, California, Texas, and New Mexico have also adopted their own state school lunch improvements so that children can be appropriately fed while at school. Read more here.

When Education Is Hijacked By War

The New York’s Times recently covered the story of Diego Ibarra Sanchez a photographer and documentarist who is currently working on a documentary on the effects an active war zone has on education. Mr. Sanchez is most known for his photography, which strikingly depicts the difficulties that children face to seek education in war torn Pakistan. In this article, Mr. Sanchez shows his work and displays some of his world class photos. Read more here.

Children’s Toys Can Spy On Them Through Cameras and Microphones, Warns FBI

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center divisions have issued a warning regarding internet connected toys with microphones and cameras. According to the FBI, the video and voice recording systems in these toys could be abused and the GPS functionality could be used to locate your children. To prevent potential concerns one should make sure that all internet connected toys are turned off when not in use. Moreover, the ICCC has provided a list on how to manage potential security concerns (see list here). Read more here.

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