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NPR Betsy DeVos Confirmed As Education Secretary, February 7, 2017, 

“The 59-year-old philanthropist and activist from Michigan takes over the leadership and management of a federal bureaucracy with 4,400 employees and a $68 billion annual budget. Now, the question is: How much will actually change for the nation’s 50 million public school students and 20 million college students?  Perhaps her opponents should take a deep breath. The federal role in education policy is limited. Less than 10 percent of funding for K-12 schools comes from the feds, for example. That said, here’s what we’ll be watching in the coming weeks and months.” Read more.

Ed Tech Focus K-12, The 3 Biggest K–12 Tech Trends for 2017, January 31, 2017,

“Though Betsy DeVos, the nominee for Secretary of Education, hasn’t spoken much about educational technology, a Forbes article reports that she has said in the past that blended learning and digital tools play a role in K–12 education choice. From data analytics to innovative STEM programs and personalized learning tracks to new competency-based approaches, thanks to technology, K–12 education is poised to leap forward in new and exciting ways this year.” Read more.

“President Barack Obama exits stage right on Friday after presiding over one of the most interesting periods in American history. He leaves with a high approval rating, yet transfers power to a man who vows to undo much of the work done by his administration. Child welfare and juvenile justice were decidedly not front and center for this administration, or any of the administrations that came before it. But Obama will leave office with a legacy of action in both realms. Following, in no particular order of importance, are a few things that Youth Services Insider sees as critical pieces of the Obama legacy on juvenile justice and child welfare. We welcome your thoughts if you disagree or would like chime in with other submissions; e-mail: jkelly@chronicleofsocialchange.org.” Read more.

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