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Gov. Abbott’s Goals of CPS Overhaul, Budget Cuts In Conflict

Gov. Greg Abbott says fixing Texas’ Child Protective Services is a life and death issue. In his State of the State address, Abbott called for an overhaul of CPS, including more money for staff and training.The governor said more than 100 children died last year while under CPS’ care. He warned against skimping on funding the agency, noting that he’d included more money for CPS in his budget than the House or Senate did in theirs… read more

  Could physical activity protect children from depression?

The ability of exercise to protect against depression in adults and young people is well studied. However, whether it has such an effect in children is unknown. Now, a new study from Norway suggests that children who undertake moderate to vigorous activity – the type that leaves them breathless and sweaty – are less likely to develop symptoms of depression… read more

What’s Next In The Fight Against Child Trafficking

The past few years have marked many victories for advocates and survivors of the illegal trafficking of boys, girls, women and men. (Trafficking includes violence, abuse, sexual exploitation, forced labor and the use of children as soldiers.) This month, which President Obama proclaimed “National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month,” we take a moment to celebrate how far we have come… read more


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