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Lost girls: Young women face harsher punishment in Maryland’s juvenile justice system, The Baltimore Sun

Young women are disproportionately locked up for misdemeanors, which are low-level offenses, in Maryland’s juvenile justice system. And they are more likely than boys to be taken before a judge for probation offenses such as running away, breaking curfew and defying their parents.

Once in the system, they are often detained longer. At the state’s most secure facilities, they are committed 25 percent longer, on average, than boys, even though girls are less likely to be there for felonies or violent offenses.

Native American Education: What Will It Take To Fix The ‘Epitome of Broken’?, NPR News

Officials at the Bureau of Indian Education estimate that roughly one-third of their school buildings are in poor condition. To fix them, they say it’ll take more than $1.3 billion. That’s why a big part of the reform effort is to build new schools and repair old ones.

Schools Are Failing LGBTQ Youth, But Here’s How You Can Help Bustle

School can be a tough environment for anyone, but for LGBTQ youth, facing harassment, bullying, and abuse can make a serious impact in both their short- and long-term health. And according to recent data from the Human Rights Watch, state-run schools are failing LGBTQ youth in the United States by not doing something that should be a requirement: Keeping them safe. Safety is integral to having a healthy and happy learning experience, and when schools fail to keep their students safe, they’re fundamentally failing in their mission.

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