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Fights Abound at the Overpopulated Harris County Juvenile Detention Center, Houston Press

The Harris County Juvenile Detention Center has kicked into “emergency staffing” mode given that the 250-capacity detention center was housing 295 kids as of September 22. By the last week of September, the population has grown to 311.

The Children Act 25 years on — and why the laws on cohabiting couples need reform, The TIMES.

This week sees the 25th anniversary of the implementation of the Children Act 1989, arguably the most important piece of family legislation that we have seen in the past 100 years.

It profoundly changed the law affecting children. Tucked away, at schedule 1 to the Act, was an equally important change, setting out unmarried parents’ rights to financial provision for their children from their former partner.

How America Outlawed Adolescence, The Atlantic

At least 22 states make it a crime to disturb school in ways that teenagers are wired to do. Why did this happen?

Each year, about 1,200 kids are charged with disturbing school in the state—some for yelling and shoving, others for cursing.

State law makes it a crime to “disturb in any way or in any place the students or teachers of any school” or “to act in an obnoxious manner.” The charge, which has been filed against kids as young as 7, according to the American Civil Liberties Union, is punishable by up to 90 days in jail or a $1,000 fine.

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