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Presidential Proclamation—National Youth Justice Awareness Month, 2016

The essential promise that we make to our young people — that where they start must not determine how far they can go — is part of what makes America exceptional. It is our shared responsibility to ensure all children are given a fair shot at life, including a quality education and equal opportunities to pursue their dreams.

Social Issues, The Wall Street Journal

Both parties view K-12 education as the fundamental building block of American democracy: Primary and secondary schools prepare students with the skills they need to become effective workers and to participate in civic life. Where the two sides most often differ is on how to ensure that students have access to the best schools available.         

Building Community Alternatives to Virginia’s Juvenile Justice System, Community Idea Stations

Advocates and state leaders are making progress on changes to Virginia’s juvenile justice system, which includes laying the groundwork to build community-based alternatives that offer a range of support for children and families. The momentum to establish alternatives is being driven by a diverse coalition, including formerly incarcerated youth.

Abu Dhabi Schools to Ensure Child Protection Under New Policy, Gulf News

All school pupils below the age of 18 years in the emirate of Abu Dhabi are now protected by a new Child Protection Policy that ensures their safety and wellbeing.


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