A Unique Child Custody Arrangement


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Child custody battles are hard for everyone involved. The parents, and especially the kids. When I was young, for entire summer, my best friend lived with me and my family while her dad went out of state to fight for sole custody of my friend. While I like to think she had an awesome time, I know she missed being with her family.

David Tutera, host of My Fair Wedding, and ex-husband Ryan Jurica, have had the child custody battle of the century. They are fighting for custody of their twins via surrogate. Each fertilized one of the eggs that resulted in a child. After months in court, they reached a temporary custody agreement of sole custody to each father of their respective biological child. During an interview on The View, Tutera said he absolutely wants his children to know each other and have a relationship as siblings.

This situation is terribly sad and complex. While I hope the twins will one day have as close of a sibling relationship as siblings who grow up in the same home, I am doubtful. With more states permitting same-sex marriages, same-sex divorces will rise. More custody issues like this may occur. Our courts need to prepare for the intricate and complex child custody battles of the future and keep in my the best situation for the children.

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