Tuesday’s Children and the Law News Roundup

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Juvenile Justice, PBS Frontline

Should teens who commit serious crimes be tried and sentenced as children or adults?  Four kids, four crimes.  Two were sent to adult court, two treated as juveniles.  Read their stories.  How would you decide?

Op-Ed: Smart Gun Laws Can Protect Kids and the Second Amendment, The Patriot News

Since the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., our fears about safety – especially the safety of our children – have motivated a national debate as to how we can prevent gun violence. Sadly, the leadership of the National Rifle Association (NRA), not the membership, has been fanning those fears to get us to oppose gun regulation. Since commonsense regulation does not threaten the right to bear arms, which is solidly enshrined in the Second Amendment, there is a more likely reason: fear motivates gun sales.

Women’s Federation Calls for Law Against Child Abuse, ChinaDaily.com

The Shanghai Women’s Federation proposed that the legislative body put the crime of child abuse in the criminal law to protect children’s health and legal rights.  In recent years, a series of child abuse cases have been brought to light. But conviction and sentencing are often difficult due to a lack of statutes, according to a proposal by the Shanghai Women’s Federation submitted to the Shanghai People’s Congress.

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