Thursday’s Children and the Law News Roundup

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Here’s a look at today’s top stories affecting children’s rights, juvenile justice, and education:

New Jersey Appeals Court Says Juveniles Entitled to Hearing Before Being Moved to Adult Prison,

The decision strikes down a state administrative regulation that allowed officials to move some juvenile offenders to adult prisons without even notifying them of the proceedings or giving them a chance to challenge the transfer.  It instructs the state’s Juvenile Justice Commission to “promptly revise its regulations” on the transfer of juveniles to adult prisons.

More than 540 juvenile offenders statewide have been transferred to adult prisons in the first 10 years since the regulation was enacted in 1997, according to statistics from the Juvenile Justice Commission.

Savannah Dietrich Sexual Assault Ruling Could Help Open Other Juvenile Cases Lawyer Says,

Kentucky is one of only 11 states that bar virtually all access to juvenile court, according to a survey of state laws conducted by the Jefferson County attorney’s office.But a judge’s decision Tuesday to open the juvenile case against Savannah Dietrich’s teenage sexual assaulters could provide momentum toward a broader opening of juvenile proceedings to the public and press, said the lawyer who won the ruling.

Experts Say New Federal Rule Brings Hope for LGBTQ Youth in Custody, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Given the high rate of torment suffered by LGBT youth in custody, activists applauded last week’s finalizing of a landmark law that took nine years to get from adoption to implementation. Last Monday, the federal Department of Justice finalized a set of guidelines under the Prison Rape Elimination Act that could help stem the risks of the already at-risk LGBT population that is incarcerated, including minors.

Senate Confirmation Rule Dropped for Federal Juvenile Justice Office, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Effective Aug. 10, the process of confirming a person to lead the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention has fundamentally changed. Under the Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act, passed by Congress and signed by the president earlier this summer, the Senate will no longer have to confirm the nominations of 170 government positions, including that of the administrator of the OJJDP. The president can now simply appoint someone to that office.

Courts OKs Placement of Navajo Boys with Non-Indians, ABC News

Navajo child can remain with his non-American Indian caretakers, despite a federal law that gives preference to placement with tribal members, the state Court of Appeals has ruled.  The ruling upheld a juvenile court decision that found good cause to deviate from the Indian Child Welfare Act. The child identified as “Z” in court documents was a month old when relatives of the man believed to be his father began caring for him.

International News:

Pakistani Christian Girl Deemed a Minor for Blasphemy Charge, CathNews

The Juvenile Offenders Amendment Act and Training School Amendment Act in Guyana Outlawed Whipping in 2010 but Concerns Remain, Stabroek News

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