Three Teens Sentenced to Indefinite Probation After Vicious School Bus Beating



Earlier today, a Florida juvenile court sentenced three 15-year-old teenagers to indefinite probation after the teens pled guilty to aggravated battery charges in the attack of a 13-year-old boy on a school bus in July 2013.  The probation sentence included multiple conditions:  community service, random drug tests, electronic monitoring via ankle bracelets, anger management classes, mandatory curfews, and prohibition on contact with the victim.

Police reported the teens attacked the victim after he informed school officials that one of the three teens attempted to sell him marijuana.  After punching and kicking the victim approximately 50 times within one minute, the victim suffered a broken arm and two black eyes.  The vicious attack was witnessed by the bus driver and numerous students, and videotaped by a bus surveillance camera.  The three teenagers are first time offenders.

The sentences lead to many questions:

  • Is the punishment appropriate for first-time offenders?
  • Was it proper to try them in a juvenile court or should they have faced adult charges?
  • Did the teens receive more or less punishment due to the national news coverage?

Fox News has more information on this breaking story.

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  1. Interesting & sad story about teens. They probably should be tried as juveniles so that they could get
    more intensive help rather than being put in custody
    with older criminals. You are certainly going into
    a worthwhile & satisfying field of law!!

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