Is our justice system just? – Clemency for Sara Kruzan

The story of Sara Kruzan is complicated and compelling.

Growing up in Riverside, California, Sara’s life was plagued by abuse: she was molested by several men, gang raped by neighbors, and emotionally and verbally abused by her mother. Despite this abuse, Sara excelled in school, sports, and a social life. Her life changed when, at age 11, Sara met 31-year-old G.G., a man who became like a father-figure to Sara and won her trust and affection. G.G. preyed upon Sara’s vulnerability and began “grooming” her for a life of prostitution. He raped her and sexually abused her, brainwashed her into believing she should sell her body, and eventually put her to work out on the streets as a prostitute. Sara was just 13 years old. For three years, Sara was forced into the sex trafficking industry-forced to have sex with men two, three times her age.  Sara suffered from this emotional, physical, and sexual abuse until age 16 when she killed G.G., her pimp.

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