Recent Developments in Education Law: June 20, 2012

Romney Releases Education Plan. A few weeks ago, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney announced his education plan. The plan contains few surprises. Romney’s plan hits teacher’s unions and calls for private school vouchers. Although Romney’s school voucher plan is not unexpected, a writer at Time Online called Romney’s proposal “puny.”

One of Romney’s policy proposals stands out though: Romney’s plan would allow students in low-income areas and students with special needs to attend any public school in their state (with some exceptions).

There’s An App For That. New apps are empowering students to stop bullying in their schools.

You’ve Got Homework. An interesting look at the life of a virtual teacher.

GAO Releases Bullying Study Results. GAO released a study questioning whether anti-bullying laws are protecting all students. The study also presented several recommendations for further federal action. See Education Week for more.

Arkansas School Choice Law Struck Down. A 23-year old public school choice law in Arkansas was invalidated last week by a federal district judge over a section in the law on race.

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