National Adoption Month

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Here at the Center for Children, Law and Policy, there are a lot of projects the scholars have taken on. From writing policy statements to creating juvenile representation handbooks, our overall hope is that all the work we do will create a better world for children.

Today I want to encourage our readers to remember the change adoption can bring to a child’s though. According to the Children’s Bureau, Administration for Children and Families, there are 107,000 children and youth in the foster care system waiting for families to adopt them. When a family adopts, they are changing a child’s life by giving them parents, a home, and the reaffirmation that the world cares about the hurt and lost.

November is National Adoption Month and there are events all across the country to educate and encourage people about the benefits of adoption. If you live in Texas, here is a list of all the National Adoption Month activities around the state.

Finally, Saturday, November 19, 2011 is National Adoption Day, and many courts around the country will be opening their doors to finalize the adoption of foster children. I strongly encourage everyone to look and see if there is anything going on in your city and how you can participate.

Put your words into action. When we say we care about children, it should also include the children without families.

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  1. Every time a child is adopted, his/her original birth certificate (the child’s truthful documentation of birth) is permanently sealed. He/she is issued a falsified birth certificate called an “amended birth certificate” that lists the adoptive parents as the child’s biological parents. This falsifying of an innocent, voiceless child’s birth record is discrimination and should be illegal. Do the children know they will NEVER be allowed to possess their truthful birth certificates? Average Joe’s serve hard time in federal prison for falsifying identity documents, yet it is done legally all over this country in vital records’ offices with the permission of judges and barbaric, antiquated state laws. The United States Constitution is violated every single time a person’s birth certificate is sealed and falsified.

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