Monday’s Children and the Law News Roundup

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Murder Trial to Begin for 51-year-old Man Charged as Juvenile, The New York Times

In more than three decades practicing law Edward Busichio has never seen a case quiet like this. His 51-year-old client, Carlton R. Franklin, is on trial in a juvenile court for a murder prosecutors say the man committed 36 years ago.

Tuesday a judge accustomed to presiding over more minor crimes typically committed by teenagers, will hear one of the oldest cold cases in the history of the courthouse.

Lacunas in our Juvenile Justice System, The Express Tribune with the International Herald Tribune

The concept of juvenile justice is based on the need to put in place a comprehensive system which not only provides punitive measures to deal with children who break the law, but can also help turn young offenders away from a life of crime. Pakistan tried to put in place such a system through the introduction of the Juvenile Justice System Ordinance (JJSO), which was promulgated in 2000. However, the JJSO has yet to be effectively enforced, leaving much to be desired in terms of how children accused of committing crimes are being treated by the authorities and in terms of supplemental efforts made to prevent juveniles from becoming repeat and increasingly serious offenders.

Government Challenged in Preparing Centers for Juvenille Offenders
, The Jakarta Post

The 2012 Juvenile Justice System Law is slated go into effect in July of next year if all implementing regulations are stipulated on-time. Then, rulings for juvenile offenders as “children of the state”, which are children who are placed in child detention centers under the State’s care until they turn 18, will no longer exist.

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