First Day of the 12th Annual Zealous Advocacy Conference!

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The 12th Annual Zealous Advocacy Conference began on a strong note with David Domenici speaking about the success he has had with the Maya Angelou Academy that serves D.C.’s incarcerated youth.  The most interesting fact to me was how significant the correlation between education and incarceration is.  Male high school dropouts are 47 times more likely to be incarcerated than college graduates!

We are now hearing from Diane Vines of the Child Trauma Academy and the Children’s Assessment Center in Houston about brain science.  The brains of bused and neglected youth do not develop well and attachment does not form correctly.  As most parents realize, teens brains are not like adults.  Teens make poor decisions, especially those whose brain development was stunted by their abuse and neglect.

The almost 100 attorneys packed into this University of Houston Law Center classroom are enthralled.  Can’t wait for the legislative update from Kim Dvorchak of the Colorado Juvenile Defender Coalition coming soon!

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