Education in Election 2012: Where Do the Candidates and Parties Stand?

Every election year, polls show education ranks high on the list of issues Americans care most about when deciding how to cast their ballots. 2012 is no exception. President Obama and Governor Romney have outlined their education plans for the next four years on their websites, in their stump speeches, and interestingly, in the foreign policy-themed third and final debate.

In the run up to Election Day, we will post a series of articles providing an overview of where the candidates and parties stand on education–in their own words. All of the material we post will come directly from the candidates’ websites, public statements, and party platforms. Here’s how we’ll break it down.

  • Tuesday: An Overview
  • Wednesday: Serving Students with Disabilities
  • Thursday: Higher Education
  • Friday: K-12 Education

In the meantime, here are some additional sources comparing the candidates and parties on education policy: