Children and the Law News Round-Up: June 18, 2012

New Study of the Week: For those of you interested in Lisa’s recent post on children in the same-sex marriage debate, you may be interested in this article from the LA Times.

Sex-Ed Fail: The Statesman reports on a rise in the number of HIV-positive children in Austin. For some interesting reader comments, check out the Houston Chronicle.

New Product of the Week: Companies getting smarter about child safety so parents don’t have to? Check out this tech update from Fox News.

Surprising: Children engaged in non-suicidal self injury, from CNN.

Problem Solved?: Juvenile lockups use adult prison as a model to solve security issues, as seen in the Statesman. You may also be interested in this slideshow.

Talking Pineapples: Even if you don’t read the whole article on standardized test protests, you should read the botched passage included in the Wall Street Journal article.

Over-medication of the Week: Trends in drugs prescribed to children, according to Fox News.

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