Children and the Law News Round-Up: July 6, 2012

Several weeks ago, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed a law ending the practice of shackling of children in juvenile court, unless the court states on the record that they are necessary. The National Juvenile Defender Center has noted that Pennsylvania is one of a growing number of states in ending the practice of shackling children.

Michigan is taking on the critical task of improving representation for indigent clients.

In the Midwest: An Ohio mom allegedly prostituting her underage daughter, and a child sex-trafficking hub

In the Works: OxyContin for kids

In Case You Were Wondering: Cutting back on sugary drinks for elementary school students…who needs caffeine when you can have nap time?

Keep an Eye on This One: Another juvenile sentencing case

And Then There Were None: Two more states have been granted waivers for No Child Left Behind, bringing the total to 26 states with waivers.

Children and the Law News Round-Up: June 18, 2012

New Study of the Week: For those of you interested in Lisa’s recent post on children in the same-sex marriage debate, you may be interested in this article from the LA Times.

Sex-Ed Fail: The Statesman reports on a rise in the number of HIV-positive children in Austin. For some interesting reader comments, check out the Houston Chronicle.

New Product of the Week: Companies getting smarter about child safety so parents don’t have to? Check out this tech update from Fox News.

Surprising: Children engaged in non-suicidal self injury, from CNN.

Problem Solved?: Juvenile lockups use adult prison as a model to solve security issues, as seen in the Statesman. You may also be interested in this slideshow.

Talking Pineapples: Even if you don’t read the whole article on standardized test protests, you should read the botched passage included in the Wall Street Journal article.

Over-medication of the Week: Trends in drugs prescribed to children, according to Fox News.

Children and the Law News Round-Up: June 1, 2012

Jailed Honor Student: Was she in the wrong? Is the judge being too harsh? Is it her parents’ fault for leaving her? Her teachers’ fault for not motivating her to come to class? Could her employer or her older brother have stepped in? Tell us what you think about the Texas truancy law and difficult cases such as this. Here is the story covered by Fox News and KHOU.

Violence in State-Run Juvenile Lock-ups: Texas juvenile justice officials struggle to find a solution to violence in their institutions. The Austin-American Statesman covers the story.

Child Welfare Hearings: Pros and cons for open hearings for child welfare cases, focused on California’s procedure (but don’t worry–if you look closely, Texas is mentioned in the article once as well)


Status Update: From Children’s privacy rights to parental techniques, opinions have been circulating about children’s appropriate use of social media. See a CNN opinion here, or a Houston mom‘s opinion here.

Speaking of Privacy: Tracking devices in school I.D.s? This San Antonio school district thinks the $500k plan will save them a lot of money.

Satisfying Snack?: If you use laundry detergent and you have small children, read this. If you like to think everything tastes as good as it looks, you should probably read this too.

System Error: It may be difficult to imagine, but playing video games could be bad for you. Read these articles, then turn off your laptop and go read a book. From CNN or Fox News, if you prefer.

Nudist Colony Update of the Month: Children being raised in nudist communities and how they feel about it.