Texas Education and Testing

At an administration gathering in Austin, Texas, Michael Williams, Texas Education Commissioner announced that he would defer a rule requiring state end-of-course-exams to count for 15 percent of high school students grades.

Williams explained that improving the academic performance of Hispanic and African-American students has become a priority in his time leading the agency. His goal is to give more credence to how schools are closing the achievement gap between white, Asian, Hispanic, and African-American students, but also students from underprivileged and low socioeconomic backgrounds.

For more information, please see The Texas Tribune, TEA Chief Will Defer 15 Percent Rule by Morgan Smith

Immigration and Education


50 college students, identified as living illegally in the US marched on Kansas’s secretary of state, Kris W. Kobach, who was unable to meet with them. Mr. Kobach is a former law professor at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, and has aided in forming immigration policies around the country. The students pushed for him to stop working on immigration laws.

For more information please see The New York Times, Kansas: Students Picket Secretary of State

Public School Attendance Tracking


The Texas Tribune reports that school districts are beginning to use electronic devices to monitor the whereabouts of students. This is in efforts to “track attendance and avoid losing state funding.” Two schools in San Antonio have adopted electronic chips in student ID cards and some schools in Austin have “issued student phones with GPS systems.”

Click here to see Texas Schools Turn to Technology to Monitor Students by Era Sundar.