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Children and the Law Blog is a publication of the Center for Children, Law & Policy (CCLP) and the Southwest Juvenile Defender Center (SWJDC), an affiliate of the National Juvenile Defender Center (NJDC).

CCLP and SWJDC have been providing services to at-risk youth and youth in trouble with the law since 1997. CCLP and SWJDC work to bring together juvenile defenders, mental health professionals, educators, legislators, and other juvenile justice professionals.

SWJDC’s mission is ensuring excellence in juvenile defense and promoting justice for all children through advocacy, education, and prevention. SWJDC’s goals are to zealously advocate on behalf of individual children, provide training to defenders to effectively represent children’s rights, educate the general public and other professionals, teach and encourage law students to effectively represent children’s rights, and research, support and develop models and programs that will help prevent juvenile crime and foster supportive environments for children.

CCLP’s mission is to engage in legal and interdisciplinary scholarship, advocacy and teaching to advance the interests of children through public policy.

Most articles written on this blog are researched and written by second and third year law students are Irene Merker Rosenberg Scholars at the University of Houston Law Center. Students write under the guidance of experienced legal faculty and practicing attorneys. Full bios and past articles of all contributors can be found by clicking on the “Contributors” menu at the top of this page and then clicking on the contributors’ name.