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Texas’s “Bathroom Bill” Still Very Much Alive

In an effort to legalize discrimination against transgender Texans, the Texas Senate has voted once again to advance SB 3, also known as the “Bathroom Bill.” Make no mistake about it: the Republican Party of Texas, despite its rhetoric, prioritizes cheap political parlor tricks over doing what’s in the best interest of its citizens (but I suppose when you elect a former shockjock conservative talk radio host as Lieutenant Governor, you get what you proverbially pay for). Notwithstanding the clearly discriminative effect this bill (should it become law) would have on transgender kids, a segment of the population already more prone to suicide than the average, the bill would have a deeply corrosive impact on the Texas economy, with companies like IBM, Facebook, Amazon, et al coming out strongly against the bill. Read more.

Texas to Lose Galveston and Hill Country Children’s Therapy Providers

“Children in the Galveston and Hill Country areas are going to be without state-funded speech, occupational and physical therapy services as two more providers prepare to leave the Early Childhood Intervention program.” Read more.


NAACP: School Choice is not the Answer to Improving Education for Black Students

“Education for black students in the United States has long been unequal and inadequate, but the solution to that problem does not lie in the school choice movement, NAACP leaders said at the organization’s national conference Wednesday.” The NAACP’s task force on quality education expressed its view that “even the best charters are not a substitute for more stable, adequate and equitable investments in public education.” Read more.

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