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Memphis bids to End Department of Justice Oversight of Juvenile Courts

Five years ago, the Justice Department  concluded that juvenile courts failed to give due process to children. Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell told the attorney general that it’s time to end expensive federal oversight of the juvenile courts. Because, he said, they’ve already done a lot of heavy lifting. Public defenders now represent 60 percent of the kids who appear in court, up from none five years ago. However, independent monitors found that racial disparities still exist, and little has changed in five years. Read more here


New Research is Released on Louisiana on Voucher Recipients and Test Scores

A new study was released on Louisiana voucher recipients and their test scores Find out more here. Contrast them with Indiana voucher programs here. Read more about charter schools and their lack of education for special needs students here.


Betsy Devos sued by 18 States, College loan rates increase, and Chicago Schools Mandate New Requirements for Graduation.

Find out why Betsy Devos – the Secretary of Education – is being sued by 19 states, the new (increased) borrowing rate for students, and what Chicago now mandates from seniors in order to graduate, Read more here.


Transgender Teen Sues Florida Schoolboard.

The Trump Administration rescinded protections for transgender students. The teen sues claiming a violation of Title IX and the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution. Read more here.

Obama Era Program Allowing Inmates Access to Pell Grants Wraps Up Its First year

An Obama era program allows certain inmates to qualify for Pell Grants. Read more here.

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