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New law includes mental health care reforms for children: Addresses problem of kids waiting for beds

The 21st Century Cures Act commits billions of dollars for cancer research and to help fight the opioid epidemic, but it also includes reforms to expand mental health treatment, ensure coverage by insurance companies and increase the number of mental health providers throughout the country…. read more

New CA Law Seeks to Right a Wrong for Young Victims of Sex Trafficking

Maheen Kaleem, a staff attorney with Rights4Girls, which advocated for the law, says minors inherently don’t have the same legal powers as adults, so they can’t consent to prostitution, and that pimps use threats of arrest as a way to keep minors from breaking free.
“Incarceration of victims really gets in the way of getting these children on the path to healing that they need, because exploiters are telling children, ‘If you go to law enforcement, if you seek help, all they will do is arrest you,'” Kaleem states… read more

Texas launches nation’s largest youth-athlete concussion study

The more we know about concussions, the more concern grows each day about their impact on young athletes. Now it appears that Texas, arguably the state that we all most identify with high school football, will be at the forefront of the research.                                                                                                                                                                       This week, Texas will launch what state officials are saying is the nation’s largest effort to track brain injuries among young athletes…. read more


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