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Teachers, SROs Must Learn to Manage Students Without Using Justice System

The reasons why schools have SROs vary, ranging from attempting to keep students safe from intruders, to taking a proactive measure to reduce crime in schools, to trying to promote a more orderly school environment, to fostering more trust among police, youth and communities. There is still a dearth of research substantiating whether SROs actually create safer, more orderly learning environments for students or foster more trust. Further, too many of us still fail to fully appreciate the serious repercussions of having more law enforcement involvement in our schools… read more

Study: ‘Glaring Inequality’ in Juvenile-Justice System Fines and Fees

— The juvenile-justice system can pose financial burdens on youth depending on their economic background and the color of their skin. A new study, conducted by the Juvenile Law Center, found that juvenile court fines and fee structures more severely affect poor families and exacerbate racial disparities in the juvenile-justice system… read more

College dreams dashed by a 17-year-old immigration paperwork mistake

Jean Cadet also hired someone he thought was an expert in immigration matters to help his family apply for asylum. But the man he paid to fill out the asylum paperwork turned out to be a fraudster, and submitted the wrong type of application…read morerp_25790_364760006494_364758396494_4844762_3819067_n-300x3001.jpg

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