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Gov. McCrory signs ‘Jessica’s Law’ to better protect children, CBS North Carolina

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed a bill Thursday that he says will better protect children from sex offenders.

Supreme Court upholds law punishing child sex offenders retroactively, The Globe and Mail

The Supreme Court of Canada has upheld a law that punishes child sex offenders retroactively, despite a longstanding principle, enshrined in the Constitution, against changing the rules on convicted criminals.

The court ruled that judges have the power to ban child sex offenders from using the Internet, even when they committed their crimes before the law took effect in 2012. The ruling affects “many hundreds” of sex offenders across Canada, the court said, citing statistics from prosecutors.

House Judiciary Committee Reauthorizes Federal Juvenile Justice Block Grants, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

House lawmakers say the reauthorization of a major grant program could encourage more federal funding for juvenile justice programs.

The program provides grants for state and local initiatives that hold youth accountable for their behavior in ways that are appropriate for their age and development, such as graduated sanctions like curfews and drug testing instead of incarceration, alternatives to detention for status offenses and diversion assessment tools.

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