Wednesday’s Children and the Law News Roundup

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States Still Resisting National Sex Offender Requirement, The Statehouse File

Six years ago, Congress passed the Adam Walsh Act, aimed at setting up a uniform national registry to track known sex offenders as they move around the country. The law offers states federal funds to complete their part of the job, and 16 have secured Justice Department approval for doing it successfully. But most states have struggled to implement the law, and several have essentially abandoned efforts at compliance and left the federal money on the table.

For Reformers, Juvenile Sentencing Bill A Small Victory, 89.3 KPCC (blog), Southern California

California Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed SB 9, a bill that has been introduced several times over the last few years, but had never made it to the governor’s desk.  The bill becomes law at an interesting time. Recent cases in the U.S. and California supreme courts have called for lighter sentences for juveniles.  In signing the bill, the governor agreed that children are fundamentally less culpable – and are more likely to change – than adult offenders. Under the new law, offenders locked up for life as juveniles will be able to petition the court for parole hearings.

Katy Teen Arrested After Posting Plan for School Shooting, Houston Chronicle

A 19-year-old Katy man is accused of posting a plan in an online chat room to kill several young children during a school shooting spree, authorities said.

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