Tuesday’s Children and the Law News Roundup

Texas Schools Punish Students Who Refuse to be Tracked with Microchips, www.rt.com

A school district in Texas came under fire earlier this year when it announced that it would require students to wear microchip-embedded ID cards at all times. Now, students who refuse to be monitored say they are feeling the repercussions.

Student Discipline Laws, Though Weakened, Still Have an Impact, www.edsource.org

Advocates for changing punitive school discipline policies that are disproportionately affecting African American and Latino students can claim at least a partial victory at the end of this year’s legislative session [in California], with five bills signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown last month that raise awareness and pave the way for alternative approaches to out-of-school suspensions and expulsions.

Texas County Commissioners to Discuss Their Prayer Policy, Austin American Statesman

Hays County commissioners are expected to consider the county’s practice of opening their weekly meetings with an invocation during an executive session Tuesday.  The court has come under fire for what a Washington-based group claims are violations of the Constitution’s First Amendment.  The county was asked to to end prayer altogether or only allow nonsectarian prayer in an April letter from Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

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