Tuesday’s Children and the Law News Roundup

Texas Advocacy Group Wields Charter-Policy Power, The New York Times

As his legislation expanding the state’s virtual school network reached the floor of the Texas House in early May, Representative Ken King was focused on what it was not.

“This is not a voucher bill. This is not a vendor bill,” said Mr. King, Republican of Canadian. “I’m the last guy on this floor that’ll ever vote for a voucher.”

That did not reassure several of his colleagues, both Republicans and Democrats, who objected to allowing profit-making companies to offer online courses to public school students.

Panel Wants Male Juvenile age lowered to 16 from 18, Express News Service – New Delhi

The parliamentary committee on empowerment of women has asked the government to lower the age of male juvenile from 18 to 16 years so that the offenders involved in heinous crime against women could be tried under the criminal laws.

“The Committee are of considered opinion that in spite of the fact that the Juvenile Justice Act, 1986 was amended in the year 2000 and the age of juvenile males and females was brought at par as below the age of 18 years, it has not produced the desired results,” report said.


Michigan District Declares Financial Emergency, Temporary Shutdown, Education News

Students in Buena Vista schools in Michigan haven’t been to class since last Friday, mlive reports, and it is expected the classrooms will remain vacant for days more. The district, which educates about 420 students, found itself in severe financial difficulty after the state declined to turn over education funds for the next three months as a penalty for district overcharging.

As a result, Buena Vista has no money to pay the salaries of its staff.

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