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Knowing right from wrong: Circular logic in juvenile punishments

I recently read a blog post on the Marshall Project discussing raising the age of criminal liability in several states, including Texas.  The post clearly and concisely laid out the arguments for and against raising the age and advocated strongly in favor of raising the age, and I recommend reading it if you have any […]

New Texas Laws – School Citations for Class C Misdemeanors

During this past session, the Texas legislature enrolled several laws with the hope of significantly reducing the number of children charged with Class C Misdemeanors while at school (commonly referred to as student ticketing).  While these new laws seem to encourage schools to apply alternate methods for addressing student behavior, nothing actually prevents schools from continuing the practice […]

Wednesday’s Children and the Law News Roundup

Juvenile Justice Without a Juvenile Jail, Sheridan Media The jail was closed to juveniles in July 2012 after an increase in the number of adult inmates led Fremont County [Wyoming] to convert the juvenile wing to a women’s facility. In response to the situation, representatives of the Northern Arapahoe tribe have pushed harder than ever […]