Friday’s Children and the Law News Roundup

Parents With Disabilities And Family Law, NPR

A report from the National Council on Disability finds that parents with physical or mental disabilities have a greater risk of losing custody of their children. The study says that the U.S. legal system needs to provide more support for these parents. (Click above for audio of story)

Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice Prepares for Transformation, JJIE

Georgia’s DJJ boss tells state lawmakers that his department must be transformed to handle the burdens a class of inmates that’s older and more violent, and high employee turnover and low morale, just as the governor pushes a large package of reforms.

For the sake of the safety of inmates, staff and the public, “we must change the culture of the juvenile justice system,” said Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice Commissioner Avery Niles, at state budget hearings on Jan. 23. His fix involves a “realistic approach” and embracing options that include both sanctions and rehabilitation.