Kids Count in Texas

KIDSCOUNT Data CenterSeveral of the Rosenberg Scholars attend the Center for Public Policy Priorities Kids Count briefing yesterday at the United Way.

CPPP and Kids Count have a wealth of data on children in Texas and across the nation.  You can view Texas statistics county by county or see how Texas compares to other states.  The uplifting news was that organizations like CPPP and Kids Count have put a lot of time an effort into collecting this data so that we can get the true, hard facts about the state of children in Texas.  The not so exciting news is that children in Texas are not doing so well.  According to Frances Deviney, the director of Texas Kids Count, Texas children account for half of the population growth of children in the United States between 2010 and 2011.  1 out of 6 Texas children live in poverty.   We have the highest rate of uninsured children in the nation and to top it off, we also have the highest rate of uninsured parents in the nation.  These startling statistics are something for us to think about as we approach the coming year in the Center for Children Law and Policy and hope to work towards solutions.