Monday’s Children and the Law News Roundup

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Juvenile Arrest Histories and Records, The Des Moines Register

Juveniles are not “arrested.” They are “detained.” Instead of being “charged,” a petition is filed. They aren’t “found guilty” but “adjudicated delinquent.” Yet this may all look the same to prospective employer or college checking records online. The editorial board asked attorneys how an applicant who had been in trouble as a juvenile should answer questions on applications later. Each gave a different response.

Restoring Rehabilitation to the American Juvenile Justice System, Jurist

JURIST Guest Columnist Perry Moriearty of the University of Minnesota Law School says that the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Miller v. Alabama and Jackson v. Hobbs marks an important step toward restoring principles of rehabilitation to the juvenile justice system.

When the River Meets the Sea, Sierra Sun

An essay by LMFT, Kimbal C. Pier, details multiple child issues, including: transforming the parent-child relationship, the cultural affect on teens, and at-risk children.

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