Medicaid Advertising: Encouraging Dependence?

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I was rather taken aback over the weekend; while driving I heard a commercial advertisement for Medicaid.  I don’t know that I’ve ever paid attention to these commercials before, but this one really startled me.  The commercial involved two women talking and one woman mentioning that she is pregnant and worried about how she will support her new child.  The second woman recommends her friend get on Medicaid just like her.  While I like the idea of mothers getting help for their children, I thought it was odd that the state is spending advertising money to encourage people to sign up for Medicaid.  Should we really be encouraging people to become dependent on the state?  While I understand it is a necessity at times for some people, this commercial seemed to suggest a very laissez fare attitude.  That is, it seemed to suggest that women shouldn’t be worried about getting pregnant if they are not economically competent to raise a child, the state will pay for it.  I found the advertizement very disconcerting and irresponsible in general.  Why not spend that advertising money in more a productive manner, like encouraging women to be responsible about childbirth.

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