Day 1 of the Zealous Advocacy Conference!

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Rep. Armando Walle (House District 140) speaks to juvenile advocates at the 14th Annual Zealous Advocacy Conference

This year’s Conference topic is the Intersection of Race, Gender, Adolescent Development, and Juvenile Justice. This morning, we had the pleasure of hosting the Honorable Darlene Byrne as our Keynote Speaker. Judge Byrne’s presentation addressed the need to make the juvenile court system a more dignified and less traumatizing process for both children and parents.

Now, Representative Armando Walle (House District 140) and Representative Gene Wu (House District 137) are holding a Legislative Session. Representative Walle made an important point that all attorneys working with children should keep in mind: “children don’t have lobbyists.”

We are excited for our remaining presentations this afternoon,  including a judicial panel on Crossover Youth from the Honorable Michael Schneider and Honorable Katrina Griffith.

By Brittany Vanek, Student Staff

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