Baby Talk

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In a recent article published in the New York Times, Tina Rosenberg explores the idea of baby talk.  In The Power of Talking to Your Baby definitive and critical research about child development is discussed.  Scholars have debated the reason(s) for the dramatic chasm between children raised in poverty and those who are not.  Numerous ideas have been hypothesized for closing this gap.  A rather simplistic, however, “is creeping into the policy debate: that the key to early learning is talking — specifically, a child’s exposure to language spoken by parents and caretakers from birth to age 3, the more the better. It turns out, evidence is showing, that the much-ridiculed stream of parent-to-child baby talk…is very, very important.”  Research has shown that low-income children are talked to significantly less than children above the poverty line.  Research is also showing that simply increasing baby talk can have dramatic benefits for at-risk children.  Click here for the full article.

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