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About Maia McCoy

Maia McCoy received her B.A. in Liberal Arts from Eugene Lang College the New School for Liberal Arts with a dual concentration in non-fiction writing and dance. She then worked in higher education administration and in arts education with underserved youth in Austin, TX, before coming back to school. She is currently in her second year of a Master of Social Work program at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. Her specialization is in forensic social work -- the intersections of social work, law, and public policy, with a focus on juvenile and criminal justice. Before coming to CCLP, she served as a policy analyst during the 84th legislative session for Legislative Study Group, an official caucus of the Texas House of Representatives. She also completed her first year of field practicum in social work at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office in the Family Criminal Law Division.

Weekly Roundup

My view: The Youth PROMISE Act shifts focus to the proactive, Alisa Lee, Deseret News, May 5, 2016 The ACLU identified under-resourced schools as school-to-prison pipelines, pushing kids from school systems into the criminal justice system at an alarming rate due to overly harsh disciplinary policies. The students’ arrests are often of non-violent offenses such […]

Weekly Roundup

New Federal Policies for Education of Homeless Children Take Effect Next Year; Decision Impacts Every School District Nationwide, National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth, April 5, 2016 “WASHINGTON, April 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the U.S. Department of Education (ED) announced that key policies related to homelessness in the recently enacted “Every […]

Weekly Roundup

Northwestern University released a study on Thursday, regarding drug usage by delinquent youth following a period of incarceration. The study found that non-Hispanic white youth were more than 30 times as likely to abuse cocaine as African American youth, counter to stereotypes vestigial to the failed War on Drugs. March 17, 2016. “CHICAGO — Abuse […]

The Prevalence of Behavioral Health Disorders, a Need to Reinstill Tolerance

On Monday a lawsuit was filed against the Galveston County jail for the wrongful death of Jesse Jacobs, a 32 year old gay man, who died seven days into a thirty-day sentence after being denied his prescription medication. Mr. Jacobs had been on medication since his late teens for comorbid behavioral health conditions, including severe […]

Weekly Roundup

Four years ago today Trayvon Martin was tragically shot. The Marshall Project commemorates him by curating some of the best reporting surrounding his death, including incisive commentary in The Atlantic by Ta-Nehisi Coates. In “Fear of a Black President” Coates writes on racial exceptionalism and the polarizing effect of President Obama weighing-in: “Before President Obama […]

Candidates Light on Children’s Issues

“The truth is that no one has yet invented or discovered a mode of measurement for the intensity of human belief. Hence there can be yet no successful method of communicating intelligibly a sound method of self-analysis for one’s belief.”       –Professor John Henry Wigmore, regarding legal burden of proof Jurist John Henry Wigmore described the […]

Will Texas follow suit?

Last week, President Obama boldly banned the use of solitary confinement for juveniles in federal prisons. He also banned its use in cases of low level infractions for adult offenders and announced his goal of expanding mental health treatment in federal prisons. These reforms altogether are expected to impact nearly 10,000 people in federal facilities. […]

CCLP offers new resource!

Beginning this month CCLP is pleased to announce the availability of a social work intern to help on delinquency and dependency cases. Maia McCoy is a social work student in her final year of the MSW program at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. She is supervised by an LMSW who can sign off on court reports. She is interested […]